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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas – Basically the kitchen is one part of the house that must be designed according to their respective tastes. The kitchen is one place to be able to express all feelings in cooking or making a dish. The existence of the kitchen does not always have to be in the room. Many architects and interior designers design kitchens in semi-outdoor rooms or open minimalist kitchens.

Here are some outdoor kitchen designs that can inspire you. Come on, watch it together!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Open minimalist kitchen with wide space

Very lucky to have a backyard of this size. The placement of the kitchen in the back room which is directly adjacent to the garden without any partitions or room dividers makes the atmosphere like being on an excursion.

The use of the kitchen table can be used as a beautiful minibar as well as a barrier to the garden. Cooking activities while gathering with family will feel more fun!

2. Elegant and classic kitchen

The use of wood materials on the tables, benches, and the upper ceiling of the kitchen as well as ceramic walls with red bricks makes this kitchen look classic but still elegant because it combines with a luxurious kitchen interior which is dominated by black.

The moment of hanging out with colleagues and relatives becomes even more warm and enjoyable.

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3. Contemporary rustic minimalist kitchen

A warm impression is felt on the wooden floor used in this outdoor kitchen. While the black color combination gives the room a broad impression.

The use of a transparent and insulated kitchen roof makes the kitchen look brighter. A rattan sofa with a matching color seems to blend with the kitchen interior.

4. Kitchen connected to a minimalist garden behind the house

The warm feel of the use of wood material looks balanced with the presence of a garden and yard that blends in on the back porch of the house. Although small and simple, this minimalist semi-outdoor kitchen is able to provide coolness from the air outside. Especially for those of you who do not have a large enough area at home.

5. Neat open minimalist kitchen

Utilizing limited land, this minimalist open kitchen looks beautiful and attractive with a neat design arrangement. The expanse of rocks in the backyard adds to its own charm while creating an atmosphere like a tourist spot.…

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Wooden Kitchen Design Inspiration

Wooden Kitchen Design Inspiration – Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for furniture. Wood has a long shelf life to use. Wood nuances are often presented in minimalist kitchen designs to give a natural and cool impression in the room. You can apply it to the kitchen with an indoor or outdoor concept. Not only that, a minimalist kitchen design with wood nuances will give a warm impression. This will be suitable to be applied to a kitchen that is often used as a gathering place for family members.

Wooden Kitchen Design Inspiration

Interested in applying it? Check out the inspiration for a minimalist kitchen design with wood nuances below:

1. Wood with a dark yellowish color is the hallmark of the 70s kitchen

Unlike the light wood typical of the Scandinavian style, the 70s-style kitchen uses wood that is already dark in color or given a dark yellowish brown polish finish. Once considered old school because of the emergence of the Scandinavian trend, it turns out that dark woods still have their own fans. To stay relevant and durable, the wooden kitchen above is combined with stainless steel for the backsplash and cross section of the table. Although the tones are different, it turns out that this combination is also suitable.

2. Dark wood with some pop color elements

The dominance of the dark brown color of the wood is very thick in this design. To compensate, the room should be equipped with natural lighting and good air circulation. Still combined with some pop color elements such as turquoise and red that make it look more alive, not as gloomy as a wooden kitchen in general which seems dark and stuffy.

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3. Use of wood panels

In addition to solid wood material, you can still create a 70s kitchen by attaching wood panels. It can be under the cross section of a table or wall for example. Wood parquet is also okay to use as a material for floors. No need to overdo it either, feel free to combine it with other neutral-colored materials if you want your kitchen to still look modern. In this design, for example, the homeowner includes melanin, ceramic, and steel materials in several parts.

4. Combination of wood with metro ceramics for cabinets and tables

Not just sticking to wood elements, the 70s-style kitchen is certainly combined with other materials for countertops and backsplashes, for example. At that time, yellow metro tiles became the prima donna. However, for those of you who want to make your kitchen more comfortable on the eyes and timeless, you can combine it with neutral color ceramics such as white. Good for backsplash or tabletop.…

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10 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Inspirations that are Easy to Copy for Small Houses

10 Simple Minimalist Kitchen Inspirations that are Easy to Copy for Small Houses – Beautifying the appearance of the kitchen is not only a matter of attaching importance to aesthetic aspects, but also its convenience when used. There are many ways you can try to improve the atmosphere in the kitchen, especially if the area you have is relatively small.

Check out a variety of simple minimalist kitchen inspirations that can be applied in the following tiny dwellings!

Always clean with white
One of the things that makes people lazy to go to the kitchen is the image of a dirty and unhygienic place. The most appropriate solution to get a look that is always clean is to use white on the wall paint and the kitchen set used.

Combine with a table and wooden floors to complete a simple minimalist kitchen that looks stunning

Feel fresh with ornamental plants tanaman
Air circulation in the kitchen area can be quite annoying and make the room feel stuffy. You can put several types of indoor ornamental plants that do not need sunlight to live. This method is proven to be effective for freshening the air and presenting a fresher atmosphere when you are cooking.

All green theme
Another trick you can use to improve the appearance of a simple minimalist kitchen is color psychology. For example, the inspiration for an all-green thematic kitchen design like the picture above. Green will help reduce stress and make your mind calmer

Stay relieved in adversity
The small size of the kitchen can be a challenge in terms of maximizing the area of ​​movement so that it remains comfortable when used. Put the equipment you think you need in the same place or side by side for easy access.

Make a parallel layout to place the furniture so that the kitchen still feels spacious.

Using single lighting penerangan
The advantages that you can get by using a single lighting system are of course saving electricity costs and reducing the impression of a crowded room. Choose a bulb with high lighting power that is suitable for the entire kitchen, then place it in the center or place on the dining table.

Cheerful yellow
Color play is also important to consider when you are going to design a simple minimalist kitchen. Simple doesn’t mean it has to look plain and boring. This is precisely the time for you to bring out your creativity to add a distinctive touch such as an all-yellow design that looks cheerful like the kitchen above.

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Transparent mesh cabinet
Often have trouble finding pots or cooking utensils because you have to rummage through the cabinet first? This is a reference to an innovative feature in the form of a transparent iron net cabinet that can be seen from the outside. You will also find it easier to see the contents of the storage area without having to open it here and there

Simple minimalist kitchen with closing curtains
You can replace conventional storage cabinets with shelf tables that are equipped with portable blinds. This trick is most appropriate for those of you who like something practical and fast because it doesn’t require special installation like a regular kitchen set.

Alternative cooker hood jendela
The cooker hood window model can help you maximize the natural lighting system while regulating air circulation in a simple minimalist kitchen. Especially if your kitchen is connected to the back area or a separate laundry room.

Modern elegant
The advantage of installing a kitchen set is in the appearance of the kitchen which will be more stunning because of the texture and color of the furniture that matches. This modern kitchen inspiration looks elegant and neat even though it is filled with lots of tableware and storage cabinets around it.…

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Shabby Chic Kitchen Inspiration
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Shabby Chic Kitchen Inspiration

Shabby Chic Kitchen Inspiration – Kitchen design with a shabby chic theme is currently one of the most popular kitchen designs with its aesthetics, this design is widely used to make the kitchen look aesthetically pleasing.

The interior concept with the theme of shabby chic back has been chosen because it provides its own beauty and comfort for several rooms in the house. The shabby chic interior design trend first developed in Europe in the 80s to 90s.

Another advantage of this shabby chic interior design is the price of furniture and which tends to be cheaper compared to today’s modern styles. In fact, some are just modifying and polishing a little of your old furniture to make it shabby chic.

1. Choose a wall decor with floral motifs to give the room a shabby chic impression

One of the main features of a room with a shabby chic theme is the selection of walls with floral motifs. It doesn’t only have to be pink to show the relaxed and feminine impression of the shabby chic themed interior. Combine it with a wooden table top, which will make your kitchen more comfortable.

2. Decorate the bottom of the table top with beautiful floral curtains

You can apply a shabby chic touch not only to walls or kitchen furniture. You can choose a table top curtain with a floral motif whose color can be adjusted to the whole of your kitchen. Try pairing a vintage-style chandelier that can give a warm impression to the room.

3. Bring a shabby chic atmosphere with super cute pink furniture

In addition to giving a vintage impression, the shabby chic trend also gives a soft nuance so that some of the colors that are usually chosen in the application of this interior design are pink paired with rose motifs.

If your budget is limited, you can start applying it by choosing pink kitchen utensils and don’t forget to place a flower vase filled with beautiful fresh flowers.

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4. If you don’t like pastel colors, you can choose a shabby chic style with a dominant white color

Choosing white as the dominant color for your shabby chic kitchen can be a really good choice. You just need to add decorations such as ceramic plates with vintage designs that you have only kept in the cupboard.

This ceramic plate display will further make your kitchen aesthetic and accentuate an elegant impression. Cooking is getting more enthusiastic, here!

5. Update old furniture with pastel colors to complement your shabby chic kitchen

Have a variety of classic furniture from your grandparents? Eits, don’t throw it away yet. You can update it by coloring it using pastel colors like Tosca.

For the old chair, you can also replace the seat cover with a floral patterned fabric that will look cute when combined with Tosca color.…

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