Aesthetic Minimalist Home Design

Aesthetic Minimalist Home Design

Aesthetic Minimalist Home Design – Aesthetic house designs are currently one of the most popular home designs, especially among young, newly married couples.

In addition to comfort, an element that is no less important than residential housing is its appearance that spoils the eye. Just imagine if you have a house with the concept you want? You will definitely feel more at home, the energy will feel more positive for you and your family.

So if you like a house with a minimalist theme, we will share some tips on building a house that you can easily apply. Here are step by step juggling a minimalist house so that it looks aesthetic that you deserve to try.

1. Look for inspiration on minimalist home themes on Pinterest or Instagram

The first step is to find out the model or design you want. You can search on various platforms that are available for free, such as Pinterest or Instagram, which provide interesting ideas with general keywords such as living room or bedroom.

There are various kinds of concepts that emerge, look for one that you think is suitable and can describe your style. Next, type in more detailed keywords such as minimalist living room. Then you can create a template or moodboard with the same theme.

2. If you have determined the dominant color and material, prepare the functions needed according to your lifestyle

Determining the function according to the lifestyle is the key to the concept of a minimalist home. Often times, these themed houses use minimal functions that meet basic needs. Even though it uses simple decorations, the building is still neat and orderly, without losing the essence of the design itself.

For example, imagine the flow of activities in the family room, where should you put the sofa vs the television cabinet? Or a table in the living room, do you need to add or simply use the small table more efficiently?

3. Create a budget plan for the designs you have created

Planning a budget for filling the house is that important so that later all aspects of the house can be taken into account in more detail. At this stage, avoid forcing a house that has to be finished in such a period of time. You can pay in installments little by little, slowly but with maximum results.

Even you can fill your house by setting aside income per month. For example, you allocate a salary of 20 percent for the installments of furniture for the first year. Having detailed and detailed will help you to build a house according to the moodboard you made without haste.

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4. Set the limit for purchasing furniture and building a house according to budget

Often times people are tempted by other designs that may be more modern or trendy. This is why when you have determined from the beginning the design, material quality, and financial budget, then try to stay on that path.

Because you can actually make a house with a mediocre budget but still good and quality, really! Adjust your ambition in building a minimalist house with a simple concept, because basically the minimalist concept itself doesn’t require a lot of decoration.

5. No need to overdo it to make the house look aesthetic

To produce a natural, minimalist home, that doesn’t mean you have to apply all of these design themes to your home design. Because, you may also have values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are often invisible. We can only feel beautiful things. So you may take certain concepts without losing your personal identity.

One of them is to pay attention to the real function of the concept. For example, you want to make a house with natural circulation, then you take the concept of open lighting with the addition of a garden on the side of the house. Or when you want to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with shades of white and plants, then do it when it really describes you.

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