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Wood-based Furniture Inspiration

Wood-based Furniture Inspiration – Wood is often used as a basic material in the manufacture of furniture. There is a lot of furniture that uses wood. Wood is durable to be used as furniture in the house

Unique Creative Inspiration from Wood for Furniture

1. Used Wood Creations for a Beautiful Table

The first wooden house furniture that you can make from used wood is beautiful wooden tables. You can turn this wood waste into a garden table or furniture in the living room and family room.

You can also paint a used wooden table according to your favorite color or add glass to make it look like new.

Wood-based Furniture Inspiration

2. Turning into a Beautiful Home Chair

In addition, you can use used wood to make a small chair or bench. This craft is not too complicated and can be done in your spare time.

If you want to add a seat to your used wooden chair, immediately take it to a sofa upholstery craftsman so that it looks neater.

3. Unique Shelf Furniture Creations from Used Wood

Utilizing long-form waste wood, you can put it together and turn it into a shelf. You can use this used wooden shelf as an alternative place to store decorations on the wall, or as a bookshelf to a shoe rack.

Don’t forget to use concrete nails so that the wood can support the weight of the object placed on it.

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4. Kitchen Equipment

The next unique creation of used wood is that it can be made into kitchen furniture. The kitchen will be more beautiful and attractive with creations from used wood, you know! You can make coasters or heat-resistant pans that protect your tables.

You can also make a kitchen spice rack in a fairly easy way using used wood.

5. Wooden Steps

Furthermore, you can turn used wood waste in the form of large logs into steps or footholds. This wooden footing can beautify your flower garden.

Decorate each level with different flower colors.…

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Minimalist Garage Design Tips

Minimalist Garage Design Tips – A car park or garage has now become a necessity in every home. Not a few housing in urban areas that require homeowners to have a garage in order to create a safe and orderly environmental condition. This is because some people arbitrarily park their vehicles on the side of the road, thereby disturbing the traffic of other road users. Shouldn’t it be that every resident of housing obeys and respects each other’s rights?

In addition to disturbing road users, parking vehicles on the side of the road also tends to pose a risk of criminal action. There have been many cases of vehicle theft or vehicle accessories that have occurred, due to indiscriminate parking or not in the garage.

Well, if you have a minimalist type of house, it is sometimes difficult to build a minimalist garage design. However, you don’t need to worry, here are some suggestions about minimalist garage designs that you can copy for your inspiration.

Tips for Applying a Minimalist Garage Design

1. Using Galvalume Canopy
Having a minimalist home concept in urban areas requires you to be more creative in maximizing narrow land. No need to bother building or renovating new room schemes and rooms. Because, you can use the yard or yard in front of the house for parking.

At least, the vehicle has entered the property area and does not take up the shoulder of the residential public road. You can use a shade or canopy made of galvalume material. Currently, there are many galvalume materials on the market. Galvalume material has many advantages, including light weight, strength, weather resistance, durability and relatively affordable price compared to wood.

In fact, the installation of a galvalume canopy is also not too long, in a matter of days. So, you can realize your dream minimalist garage design in no time.

2. Semi-Open Minimalist Garage Design
Furthermore, a minimalist garage design that you can apply is without a door or semi-open. On the side and rear you can place a bulkhead to protect the car from all three sides. However, at the front or the entrance, it is not necessary to provide a rolling door or door.

That way, you can be faster and more practical when removing the car from the garage or when you are going to park it again. To make it seem more modern, the partitions on the three sides of the garage can be painted in neutral colors such as black, white, or use walls decorated with natural stone.

3. Aligning Soil Contours
If you have a residence located on contoured or terraced land, you can try this minimalist garage design.

In order for the garage to remain functional, as much as possible try to keep the design in harmony with the overall concept of the house. For example, by combining some of the same elements with the exterior of the house. Either that, adding elements of wood, iron, and concrete.

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4. Minimalist Garage Design Using a Wooden Fence
Adding a wooden fence element to a minimalist garage design will make the garage look more elegant and ethnic.

Wooden garage fences can be made to fold or slide models as needed. Also combine it with shades that match the front facade of the house. Thus, the environment becomes more unified.

5. Using Glass Sticker/Sandblast
Sandblasted glass or glass stickers are generally used to dispel interior views so that the effect of the glass looks blurry. Of course, for the safety of the vehicle garage, the effect of sandblasting glass will be very helpful. In addition, in terms of aesthetics, it also supports the concept of a minimalist garage design. You can choose a glass sticker layer or sandblasted glass because it is relatively more impact resistant and easy to maintain or clean.

6. Utilizing the Underground/Underground
Don’t have land to make a garage for several of your vehicles at once? Why not make it underground?

Yes, currently limited land in a minimalist residence makes many people rack their brains so that they can still fulfill their lifestyle. Especially, for those who have high mobility and want to secure the vehicle in the garage.

The garage in the basement is very safe, you can use the automatic upward sliding door design so that whenever vehicle access goes out and in, the door will open and close automatically.

7. Installing the Wardrobe in the Garage
Another tip for maximizing a minimalist garage design is to keep all things neat and organized. You can build a cupboard to store various automotive equipment or at the same time double as an extra warehouse.

This cupboard or cabinet can be attached to the wall up to the edge of the ceiling. So that every inch of a minimalist garage design can be used to store things to make it more organized.…

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Modern Elegant Mirror Inspiration
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Modern Elegant Mirror Inspiration

Modern Elegant Mirror Inspiration – The choice of the right mirror greatly affects the beauty and aesthetics of a room, so we recommend some elegant looking mirrors for your room.

The mirror is an element of room fixtures that are always present in every home. Its function is not only used to present one’s own reflection, but is able to beautify the room to a wide effect.

Along with the development of the mirror marketing industry, now you can find a variety of mirrors of various shapes and sizes so that they can be tailored to the needs of your home.

So, if you are planning to add a mirror and are looking for a contemporary mirror to display, here are five types that can be selected.

1. Standing full body mirror

This type of mirror is most suitable if placed in a private room such as a room, workplace, or studio for filming, because it can add to the aesthetic impression of a place.

Apart from the large size, the advantage of having a full body standing mirror is that you don’t have to bother nailing the wall because it can stand with the supports on the back.

For those of you who are looking to buy this large glass, the price offered is quite diverse, starting from the range of one hundred thousand rupiah to five hundred thousand, depending on the material and size.

2. Hexagonal mirror

This hexagon-shaped mirror is an innovation of a practical wall sticker so you don’t need to nail the room to attach all parts of the mirror.

This mirror diameter is small enough that it takes several pieces to create a new and good atmosphere, especially if installed between the television room or living room.

Until now, the hexagonal mirrors have been sold in both online and physical stores, with a price range of seven to ten thousand per pcs.

3. Vanity mirror

The next modern mirror comes from the vanity mirror type, aka makeup mirror with lights. This one item is quite interesting if it is stored in a room or studio, especially if you are someone who needs extra light when in front of the mirror.

Many of the vanity mirrors are integrated with the dressing table and some are sold separately, depending on the model and size requested. Currently, the average vanity mirror is offered with prices ranging from Rp. 300 thousand to millions of rupiah.

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4. Irregular mirror

For those of you who are currently working or engaged in the art world of photography, you may not be familiar with this unique irregular mirror formation.

Unlike most mirrors, irregular mirrors have an irregular shape and are usually suitable for storage on a table or hanging with hemp rope on a wall.

In addition to easily blending into a minimalist or aesthetic room, irregular mirrors are still quite affordable at a price of fifty to one hundred thousand per piece.

5. Rattan mirror

Rattan mirrors are suitable for double function as wall decorations for homes that carry a minimalist theme. With the existence of an attractive mirror shape, the room will look tidier and more organized.

The average rattan mirror has a circular shape, but the rattan around it can be shaped in such a way so that it doesn’t look boring. Well, for those of you who are interested in buying a rattan mirror as a beautiful decoration at home, currently this object can be purchased at a price range of Rp. 100,000 to 200 thousand.…

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Interior Furniture Design Trends 2021
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Interior Furniture Design Trends 2021

Interior Furniture Design Trends 2021 – From year to year, home design trends change and continue to evolve following the times and the latest furniture innovations.

The pandemic makes our lives run with different dynamics in 2020. We are more active at home with our loved ones.

In connection with this latest lifestyle, interior design trends will also undergo slight changes in the next year. People will prioritize furniture that is functional, naturally accented, and has a touch of earthy tones.

1. Green cabinets will be a big trend in 2021

To create a more lively atmosphere, green kitchen cabinets will be a trend that hits next year! Quoted from, Rachel Street, Host of DIY Network’s said, “The combination of blue and yellow which simultaneously looks cold and warm, will make the kitchen design look more comfortable”.

2. Furniture from wicker and rattan will also be popular in the next year

Because natural nuances are one of the interior design trends in 2021, furniture made from wicker and rattan will be very popular in the market. Furniture made from this seems light, simple, but also provides its own warmth.

As said by Ross Thompson, Interior Designer at QE Home, “This natural material can add a nuance of warmth and light into the home,” he told Insider.

3. Houseplants or indoor plants will also really hit

Due to the increasing trend of gardening in 2020, houseplants or indoor plants will become one of the must-have items for every home. Besides being beautiful, the presence of plants in the room can also make the atmosphere fresher and more vibrant.

Reported by, Emilie Munroe, Owner and Interior Designer at the Munroe Study in San Francisco, said, “Indoor plants make the air fresher, make the atmosphere calmer, can be placed anywhere, and caring for them can also affect life.”

So, there are three main functions that you can get from the existence of indoor plants. Starting from the aesthetic side, function, to mental health. Interested in buying it?

4. Antique mirrors will also sell well in the market

Due to nostalgic interior trends such as the Grandmillennial, the presence of vintage-style furniture will also be popular. One of them is an antique style mirror. This object will make the atmosphere of your home more luxurious and magnificent.

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5. Furniture that is multifunctional

Work from home activities and online schooling keep family members busy with their own affairs at home. Therefore, it is very important to have multipurpose space. This can be created in the presence of multifunctional furniture.

In an interview with, Dayna Isom Johnson from Etsy, said, “This year, people will be looking for ways to organize their homes to look balanced and have lots of multifunctional spaces.”

6. Decorative smart lighting will also be indispensable

The number of activities and meetings that take place virtually, make decorative lighting one thing that is needed. People may start remodeling their homes so that there is plenty of natural light in.

However, the existence of lighting technology is also needed. This will make everyone’s virtual activities easier. Activities that involve cameras, such as meetings via Zoom or Google Hangout, can be more supported.

7. Furniture made of wood in bright colors is also worth looking forward to

Because the rustic style interior design theme is coming back in popularity, we will witness the trend of using furniture made of bright wood colors. This furniture can provide a room atmosphere that looks modern, comfortable, spacious, but also minimalist.…

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