Low Budget Home Remodeling Ideas

Low Budget Home Remodeling Ideas

Low Budget Home Remodeling Ideas – In renovating the house, sometimes the owners experience problems in preparing funds to renovate the house, with that we provide some low budget home renovation ideas.

Often when I see inspiration for home decor on the internet, the heart feels sad. Many materials or furniture are not available in Indonesia or, for example, they are too expensive. The dream of having a beautiful house must disappear at once.

1. Kitchen with metro tiles

Don’t have the funds to buy a kitchen table made of natural stone such as granite and marble, just use a potluck ceramic. You can choose just plain to make it more elegant. Just mix the colors so that they are not monotonous, the example above is white and dark blue.

2. Bathroom with dipper and tub

When looking for inspiration on the internet, most bathroom designs are of course with a shower or bathtub. So, for those who are more comfortable taking a bath with a tub and dipper, please take the inspiration example above. Actually it’s a bathtub but it can be used as a tub.

The size is also narrow, you know, but it can be compact and elegant, huh. Even the tubs and sinks were made of cement covered with ordinary ceramics. The fabric curtain can be replaced with another material if the bathroom is a wet type of bathroom.

3. Wide bedrooms that make you feel at home

So that the room is free from the impression of being claustrophobic, you can choose sheets without patterns and bright colors. If you have trouble finding it at a retail store, what’s wrong with sewing or ordering a custom. Curtains can be pictorial, just rely on your taste to choose the right pattern.

4. A small, homey living room

No need to buy a long and expensive sofa that frames half the living room. Especially if your house is tiny, just choose the two-seat one like this. To accommodate more people, prepare stools that can be folded and stored when not needed. If the guest is familiar, the carpet can be a place to hang out on the floor in the living room. Still exciting, really.

5. Capital multiplex working space

Instead of buying expensive whole wood, feel free to choose a multiplex as a workspace furniture material. The price is much cheaper and still aesthetically pleasing.

6. There is an attic that is free from neighbors, make this cool window

If you are a lucky person because you have an attic that is free from neighboring buildings, you can use the space to make a connecting window like this. As magnificent as it looks. Natural light is more calming, right?

7. Bar in the kitchen with aluminum frame

With an aluminum frame and wooden planks, you can make a bar in the kitchen like the example above. The doors and windows can use iced glass to keep the impression spacious.

8. Mid-century themed main door

This is the main door to consider. Mid-century style, old but minimalist. The key is to place the window the same height as the door. You can choose the door that is plain without carving. Isn’t it cool?

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