Rooftop Swimming Pool Design

Rooftop Swimming Pool Design

Rooftop Swimming Pool Design – The swimming pool on the rooftop does sound unique and strange, but the uniqueness of this swimming pool is very popular at this time.

The beauty of a minimalist home is the dream of young people to have small and tiny houses in various places, the comfort of a home makes everyone have their own standards in terms of choosing a house.

On the other hand, increasingly sophisticated furniture and modern home designs will impress you, but this will make the price even higher and become an easy target for someone to offer those who have the capital for a suitable place to offer the ideal home.

1. The pool is see-through

A translucent pool will look attractive at night, the lights that illuminate the pool and the place around it that has light will add to the aesthetic impression of the pool.

You have to prepare more budget for decorating this pool, even though the capital you spend must be large, this will not be comparable to the comfort you will get when this pool is ready to use. A different experience from most pools will make your house look cool from afar.

2. Small pool in classic style

You can turn the rest of the space on your rooftop into a tiny little swimming pool, this will add to its own impression on the house with a small, modern-style swimming pool. Children will love to play here and see the interesting scenery in the afternoon.

You can add a divider on the side of the house and the other side of the pool with glass material so that privacy is maintained and it will look amazing

3. Simple pool with wood

Wood as a floor covering on the edge of the pool so that it doesn’t slip is an attraction for you to be comfortable in the pool without worrying about anything, you can use this tiny place to gather with your extended family and have small parties.

The view of the city that is clearly visible from a distance adds a distinct impression to a place of meditation and see clearly the clear sky, add a few plants as well as other complements so that your rooftop looks fresh and aesthetic.

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4. Garden-style pool

If you have a rooftop that is rather large and long, you can try this classic style with a combination of plants and wood to make it look comfortable, minimizing slipperiness on the floor, you have to spend a large enough budget to add wood material.

A few plants and a white color that are not too striking are interesting sights to relax with your family at night, chat while swimming and then enjoy the beauty of the night will make your rooftop calm without interruption.

5. Rectangular pool

A rectangular pool can also be your idea to build a comfortable minimalist swimming pool, this style is suitable for a place to live far from urban areas so that you will be calm seeing the amazing natural scenery.

The reflection of the sun shining on the pool makes the whole room bright and perfect for relaxing, the long shape will make it easier for you to swim while enjoying the dishes that are available.

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