Shabby Chic Kitchen Inspiration

Shabby Chic Kitchen Inspiration

Shabby Chic Kitchen Inspiration – Kitchen design with a shabby chic theme is currently one of the most popular kitchen designs with its aesthetics, this design is widely used to make the kitchen look aesthetically pleasing.

The interior concept with the theme of shabby chic back has been chosen because it provides its own beauty and comfort for several rooms in the house. The shabby chic interior design trend first developed in Europe in the 80s to 90s.

Another advantage of this shabby chic interior design is the price of furniture and which tends to be cheaper compared to today’s modern styles. In fact, some are just modifying and polishing a little of your old furniture to make it shabby chic.

1. Choose a wall decor with floral motifs to give the room a shabby chic impression

One of the main features of a room with a shabby chic theme is the selection of walls with floral motifs. It doesn’t only have to be pink to show the relaxed and feminine impression of the shabby chic themed interior. Combine it with a wooden table top, which will make your kitchen more comfortable.

2. Decorate the bottom of the table top with beautiful floral curtains

You can apply a shabby chic touch not only to walls or kitchen furniture. You can choose a table top curtain with a floral motif whose color can be adjusted to the whole of your kitchen. Try pairing a vintage-style chandelier that can give a warm impression to the room.

3. Bring a shabby chic atmosphere with super cute pink furniture

In addition to giving a vintage impression, the shabby chic trend also gives a soft nuance so that some of the colors that are usually chosen in the application of this interior design are pink paired with rose motifs.

If your budget is limited, you can start applying it by choosing pink kitchen utensils and don’t forget to place a flower vase filled with beautiful fresh flowers.

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4. If you don’t like pastel colors, you can choose a shabby chic style with a dominant white color

Choosing white as the dominant color for your shabby chic kitchen can be a really good choice. You just need to add decorations such as ceramic plates with vintage designs that you have only kept in the cupboard.

This ceramic plate display will further make your kitchen aesthetic and accentuate an elegant impression. Cooking is getting more enthusiastic, here!

5. Update old furniture with pastel colors to complement your shabby chic kitchen

Have a variety of classic furniture from your grandparents? Eits, don’t throw it away yet. You can update it by coloring it using pastel colors like Tosca.

For the old chair, you can also replace the seat cover with a floral patterned fabric that will look cute when combined with Tosca color.

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